The Hopewell Harvest Fair needs YOU! We are looking for beautiful and eye-catching original artwork to grace the cover of our Almanac, which will be featured on promotional products, including posters and postcards. Professional and amateur artists are encouraged to submit artwork. All ages are welcome.


We are looking for an image that embodies the spirit of the Hopewell Harvest Fair – a community event for all ages, celebrating the season and the wonderful small town, rural setting we live in. The fair is for ALL ages, with games, contests, exhibits, food and FUN!


SUBMISSIONS DUE: June 15, 2022 @ 5PM



All 2D media is acceptable. Artists may submit up to THREE entries. Winning artwork will be reproduced on a poster, smaller almanac cover, and perhaps other fair materials, like t-shirts.

The smallest it will be reproduced is approximately 4" wide x 4.75" high - on the cover of the Almanac. The largest it will be reproduced is approximately 9" wide x 11" high. 


Therefore, submissions MUST be vertically oriented and sized AT LEAST 9" wide x 11" high. If larger, your submission should maintain that width to height ratio and not exceed a size of 22.5" wide x 27.5" high.

When creating your submission, please bear in mind that text, including the Hopewell Harvest Fair logo, may need to be overlaid on the image for certain materials. We ask that you please do not include words or the Hopewell Harvest Fair logo in your artwork.

The winning artwork will become the property of Hopewell Harvest Fair, who will retain the rights to reproduce the artwork for publicity, marketing, promotional, and fundraising purposes, including the right to sell promotional materials bearing the image. Artistic credit will always be given. The artist agrees to work with our design team to modify the image digitally if needed when creating materials.

Please submit your work DIGITALLY. If you are selected, we will need the original for a high resolution scan. For purposes of the contest, a photo of your artwork is fine.



Please include artist name, email, phone number, and town when submitting.