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Kids' Korner is ​a dedicated area of the Fair for children to have fun playing games and participating in festive activities. Games are paid for with Harvest Fair tickets and are guaranteed to be a good time!


We are accepting participants, whether nonprofit or other organization, to run a game or activity in Kids' Korner for the 2024 Hopewell Harvest Fair. If you are interested, please read the info below and click the orange button to open an online form to fill out.

  • There will be NO CHARGE for any non-profit who wishes to setup a game/activity in Kids' Korner. Pre-registration is required (via the orange button below). You must specify your activity so we avoid duplicates.

  • All games/activities in Kids' Korner will be paid for with TICKETS – no cash. Hopewell Harvest Fair (HHF) will provide collection containers for tickets.

  • How many tickets are charged per game/activity is up to the organization running the game/activity.

  • Tickets will also be accepted for inflatables, hay rides, pony rides, the petting zoo, and Find Freddy.

  • Tickets will be sold by HHF at a dedicated ticket sale tent in Kids' Korner and at the HHF Info Booth near the food vendors. This way, cash/change making only needs to happen in 2 locations and will be the responsibility of HHF.

  • Tickets must be turned into the Kids' Korner Committee at the conclusion of the fair. Groups will be paid 75 cents/ticket collected. Payment will be made via check to the non-profit groups within 2 weeks of the fair.

  • For-profit groups who would like to run an activity are encouraged to contact us to discuss their proposal. In this case, all proceeds will go to the Hopewell Harvest Fair.

  • This year we are working to continue "greening the fair." In keeping with this effort we are asking vendors to consider using non-plastic options for prizes & games. Some ideas include stickers, pencils, seeds, or "nearly new" toys instead of plastic prizes. Please check out the Zero Waste page for suggestions.


Ticket Sales benefit local nonprofits and the Hopewell Harvest Fair's Community Grants Program.

Tickets are sold at the Info Booth and the Ticket Tent in Kids' Korner.

  • $1 / ticket

  • $5 / strip of 5 tickets

  • $20 / booklet of 25 tickets

Credit Cards accepted for
purchases of $20 or more (as long
as our tech works!)

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