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One part of the Hopewell Harvest Fair that many patrons look forward to every year is, of course, the food! We are proud to offer local residents the opportunity to sample cuisine from many of Hopewell's fine eateries.



Single or Double Space (for larger food vendors/trucks): $200

Space for 501c3 Nonprofit: $50 (single or double)

NOTE: Trucks require 2 spaces.

Please apply below. We will contact you and send you a payment link at that time. You will also be able to mail a check.


Vendors must commit to participating on the rain date, September 28, if weather forces postponement of the Fair.


In addition to your participation agreement, there are several forms you need to fill out. It is the responsibility of each food vendor to complete and return these forms to the appropriate places:

  • Temporary Food Application: All vendors are required to obtain a temporary food service permit from the Health Officer. It is your responsibility to download this form and return it to Hopewell Borough with the required fees by September 7, 2024.

Form: Temporary-Food-Application for Hopewell Borough

Checklist: Checklist-for-Temporary-Food-Vendors


  • Fire Safety Permit Application: If you are planning on cooking with a propane tank or with open flame, you will also need to apply for a fire permit from the Hopewell Fire Department. Please complete and return this form and pay any required fees by September 7, 2024.​

Form: ​Fire-Safety-Permit-Application

Web Page with Fact Sheets: Mobile-Food-Vendors-Food-Trucks

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