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Town Square features local businesses and non-profit organizations who bring fun activities for fair-goers while they promote their businesses or organization—making it a great opportunity to truly connect with the community. Local merchants are also invited to sell their products.


TBD - Business Booth, product sales

TBD - Business Booth, no product sales

TBD - Non-profit Booth, product sales permitted

Registration fees are non-refundable.


In order to make this a more engaging experience for our attendees and a more valuable experience for our exhibitors, there are a limited number of available booths — so be sure to get your application in early for the best chance of securing your spot! Town Square has a maximum capacity of 64 booths.

In submitting your application, please keep the following points in mind:

  • We encourage fun EXPERIENCES at your booth rather than "prizes." Funny photo booths, carnival or yard games, or physical activities are just a few creative! If you do choose to have a give-away, try something more environmentally friendly that the typical plastic swag - maybe a seed bomb or a reusable dish cloth.

  • All booths must have an activity of interest to fair-goers. We strive to have a variety of activities represented - be creative! Activities should be free. If you would like to run a game or activity to raise money for your organization, please check out Kids Korner.

  • We consider shopping/window shopping at a pop-up shop for a local merchant to be an "activity of interest" and the retail section will be in a distinct shopping area of Town Square. Local crafters and makers who are selling their OWN work should apply for the "Crafters Corner" area instead.

  • Food designed for consumption at the fair can only be sold in the Food or Farms area. Please click underlined links to visit the appropriate page.

  • ALL GIVEAWAYS must be approved by the Hopewell Harvest Fair. (hint: If you have a plastic giveaway, you are going to have to give us a really compelling reason why in order for us to approve it. The odds are not in your favor.)

  • Bottled/boxed/canned water* and any type of balloons are NOT PERMITTED as giveaways or for sale. 

  • If your giveaway involves disposable plastic packaging (ie bags of potato chips, wrapped candies), you will be required to pay a "wrapper fee" which will go to cover the cost of a special TerraCycle bin. (Amount of fee TBD based on how many vendors participate)

  • Although the applications are not reviewed on a strictly "first come first served" basis, the timing of your application will be taken into consideration (as well as all of the other factors listed here) if we have too many eligible applicants by the deadline.

  • Please note you MUST stay at the fair ALL DAY.  Setup is 7-9AM and all vehicles must be off the field by 9. No early breakdowns are permitted. The Fair ends at 4PM. Early breakdowns and no-shows will be denied participation in future fairs.

  • Exhibitors must commit to participating on the rain date, September 28, if weather forces postponement of the Fair.

  • The Fair does not provide tents or tables. You will be assigned a square of grass, approximately 11 ft square, to comfortably accommodate a standard 10x10 pop up tent. You will be assigned a location several days in advance. If you would like to be near another vendor, please let us know. We can not guarantee locations or neighbors.


Town Square has a capacity of 64 booths. Applications are being accepted through July 25, and they will all be reviewed at once at that time. If there are still available spaces after July 25, late applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. We will be taking a waiting list once we are full.


In reviewing all applications, preference will be given to locally owned businesses and non-profit organizations in the Greater Hopewell Valley, as well as fair sponsors, who are bringing activities of interest to fair-goers. Please use the link below to submit an application.

Please email with any questions.

*Please note that the Fair provides free ice water refilling stations for all attendees.

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