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The Hopewell Harvest Fair is on a journey toward being a zero waste, litter-free event. Our initiatives include:

  • Multiple large water coolers are stationed around the fairgrounds so attendees can refill their durable water bottles.

  • Town Square and Kids' Korner participants are not permitted to give away balloons or other inflatable toys, and they are encouraged to offer promotional freebies/prizes which are useful and reusable, made of sustainable or recycled/recovered materials, and ideally made in USA. Some suggestions are listed below.

  • New for 2023 is a TerraCycle Zero Waste Bag to collect plastic wrappers (paid for by a nominal charge to any Town Square booths handing out individually-wrapped candy, etc.).

  • Also new for 2023 are compost bins provided by OneCompostCan of Hopewell, monitored by volunteers instructed to divert any possible contamination.


Suggestions for favors, freebies and prizes:

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