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The deadline for contest entries is 11:59pm on

 Saturday September 19th 

Please note that if you do not want your child's full name displayed, enter their first name and last initial only in the "Display Name" field. (See below)

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DISCLAIMER. With my submission of this contest entry, I hereby grant permission to the Hopewell Harvest Fair (HHF), to use the photographs, text, and/or video submitted by via this form, in publications, news releases, online, and in other communications related to the mission of HHF. I also certify that I have the legal right to grant this permission. I understand that my name (or the name of my minor child, if applicable), as listed in the DISPLAY NAME field of the registration form, will be publicly displayed on the internet along with my entry. 

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  • Maximum of 2 entries per person, per category

  • Original works only, please.​​

  • A short explanation or story submitted with your creation is welcomed!

  • Contests are open to all preschool and school aged children, including those who are in public and private schools, and home-schooled.


  • Portrait

  • Abstract

  • Nature

  • Technology

Please contact kidsart@hopewellharvestfair.org with any questions.