The 2018 Hopewell Harvest Fair Planning Committee is a volunteer group of Hopewell Valley residents who have worked tirelessly for months to make this year's Fair a success.

Almanac Layout & Design: Frank Mahood, Abi Stock

Bake-Off: Cristin Timoney-Messinger

Business Alley: Robert Hall, Julie Sansone

Chairperson: Heidi Wilenius

Cleanup Crew: Hopewell Boys Scout Troop 71

Committee Secretary: Shiwani Amit Joshi

Communications Coordinator: Skye Cooper Rainey

Contests: Karen Belgrave

Country Games: Christy Stier, Hopewell Valley Girl Scouts

Crafters Tent: Lisa Dillon

Doggie Dress-Up: Georgette Sturam Dorsky

Grants Coordinator: Annie Anderson

Graphic & Web Design: Abi Stock

Harvest Moon Concert: Mel Johnson

Kids' Korner: Sue Dayner, Melina Guarino

Entertainment: Roxanne Klett

Exhibitors' Row: Katja Lewis, Lori Saporito

Farmers Market & Food Vendors: Debbie Flanders

Find Freddy: Kate Elliott, Colleen DePaolo

Fundraising: Lisa Goetz, Mel Johnson, Hannah McCollum

Homegrown Contest: Skye Cooper Rainey

Kids' Art Contest: Sasha Appleton

Lego Contest: Susan Pollara

Parking & Safety: Lisa Springer

Photography Contest: Sarah Fuller

Press Releases: Jill Giordano Farmer

Quiet Spot: Jennifer Stillitano

T-Shirt Sales: Lori Saporito

Volunteer Coordinator: Nathalie Cassion