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Find Freddy

Below is information from the 2016 fair. More information on the 2017 Find Freddy will be announced at a later date. Follow our Facebook for updates!

Find Freddy & His Friends –

Hopewell’s Living Scavenger Hunt


Freddy the Frog and his friends are excited to be back at the Hopewell Harvest Fair this year. They will be arriving to explore around 12:15 PM, and we need you to help us find them!

The object of this scavenger hunt is to find Freddy and as many of his friends as possible in one hour. Do NOT expect to find them all – some of them are really tough, and most of them are moving around!

Sign up no later than 12PM at Freddy’s Booth in the contest tent. The scavenger hunt runs from 12:15 – 1:15 PM, followed by the announcement of winners and distribution of prizes at 1:45 PM on the main stage. Don’t miss out on the fun!

The more CLUES we have, the more FUN the game is! We need volunteers! Please CLICK HERE for information and to sign up as a clue! Remember you can be subtle or flamboyant — or somewhere in between — and there are PRIZES for our clue volunteers too!! Not feeling creative? We are happy to help!


Rules of the Game

  1. Before 12 PM, obtain and fill out an Entry Form at Freddy’s Booth, located in the contest tent.
  2. You can sign up as an adult, a child, or an adult/child team. The cost is $1.00 per participant. (4 & under are free but must play with an adult.)
  3. Teams may have no more than 3 members.
  4. Be at the school cafeteria no later than 12:05 PM to obtain your official copy of Freddy’s List & clipboard, pencil, and final verbal instructions. It is important that you do not miss these final instructions.
  5. Immediately after the instructions are given, the game will officially begin and all players will be dismissed at the same time to begin hunting for characters. You don’t have to find characters in order, nor do you have to leave the fairgrounds to find anyone.
  6. As you discover each character, identify them and ask them to give you a proof stamp on your list. Try to find as MANY characters as you can before time runs out. Don’t worry about trying to find them ALL – most years, no one does! There are a lot of characters and some of them are pretty tricky – and most of them are moving around. Do your best and HAVE FUN!
  7. Characters will stop giving out stamps at 1:15 PM. At this time, each player/team must return IMMEDIATELY to the cafeteria to check in by 1:20 PM.
  8. Please note that all clipboards MUST be returned no later than 1:20PM order to qualify for prizes.
  9. Winners will be announced in a prize ceremony at 1:45 PM on the main stage.

Good luck and have fun!

The winner in each category is the person/team who finds the greatest number of characters on Freddy’s List and returns to the school cafeteria first. Players’ forms will be marked with their order of return; in the event of a tie, the player/team who came back to the cafeteria first will be declared the winner in their category. There are fabulous prizes for each of the three categories!