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2016 Committee Heads

Almanac Design and Cover Illustration:  Janice Schroeder
Bake-Off:  Cristen Timoney
Business Alley:  Julie Sansone
Chair: Janice Schroeder
Children’s Games:  Anyi Qian
Contests:  Samara McAuliffe
Crafters Tent:  Peggy Connolly
Doggie Dress Up:  Samara McAuliffe
Entertainment:  Roxanne Klett
Exhibitors’ Row:  Julie Sansone
Green Lane:  Julie Sansone
Grant Chair:  Julie Sansone
Farmers’ Market:   Debbie Flanders
Find Freddie:  Heidi Wilenius
First Aid:  Duchess Lake
Volunteer:  Cecilia Jackson
Food:  Debbie Flanders
Fundraising:  Julie Sansone
Hay Rides:  Henry Muentener
Logistics and Set Up:  Janice Schroeder
Kid’s Art and Lego/K’nex:  Susan Pollara
Photography Contest:  Sarah Fuller
Straw Maze:  Samara McAuliffe

2016 Board of Trustees

President:  Julie Sansone
Vice President:  Robert Hall
Treasurer:   Peggy Connolly
Secretary:  Samara McAuliffe
Trustee:  Rebecca Coyle
Trustee:  Roxanne Klett
Trustee:  Debbie Flanders

Special Thank Yous:

First and foremost, we want to thank all of our volunteers who have worked tirelessly for months to help make this years fair a success.

We would also like to thank the following people and organizations who have given their time and energy towards the 2014 Harvest Fair:

Henry & Lynn Muentener
Hopewell Borough Recreation Dept
Hopewell Borough and Public Works Deparment
Hopewell Elementary School
Hopewell Emergency Medical Units
Hopewell Fire Department
Hopewell Township Police
Muirhead Foods
Music Together
PNC Bank
Rosedale Mills
RoxyLou Entertainment
Sansone’s Farm Market
Williamson Electrical Service